AWS-DevOps 合格問題 & AWS-DevOps 英語版


AWS-DevOps 合格問題は多種なIT認証試験を受ける方を正確な資料を提供者でございます。弊社の無料なサンプルを遠慮なくダウンロードしてください。

JapanCertが提供したAmazonAWS-DevOps 合格問題はシミュレーションの度合いがとても高いでから、実際の試験で資料での同じ問題に会うことができます。これは当社のITエリートの団体はすごい能力を持っていることが説明されました。現在、野心家としてのIT職員がたくさんいて、自分の構成ファイルは市場の需要と互換性があることを確保するために、人気があるIT認証試験を通じて自分の夢を実現します。そのようなものとして、AmazonAWS-DevOps 合格問題はとても人気がある認定試験です。JapanCertが提供したAmazonAWS-DevOps 合格問題を手にすると、夢への扉はあなたのために開きます。

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試験科目:「AWS Certified DevOps Engineer - Professional」

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NO.1 You run a clustered NoSQL database on AWS EC2 using AWS EBS. You need to reduce latency
database response times. Performance is the most important concern, not availability. You did not
perform the initial setup, someone without much AWS knowledge did, so you are not sure if they
configured everything optimally. Which of the following is NOT likely to be an issue contributing to
increased latency?
A. The database and requesting system are both in the wrong Availability Zone.
B. The database is not running in a placement group.
C. The EBS Volumes are not using PIOPS.
D. The EC2 instances are not EBS Optimized.
Answer: A

AWS-DevOps 訓練   AWS-DevOps 感想   
For the highest possible performance, all instances in a clustered database like this one should be in a
single Availability Zone in a placement group, using EBS optimized instances, and using PIOPS SSD
EBS Volumes. The particular Availability Zone the system is running in should not be important, as
as it is the same as the requesting resources.

NO.2 You need to grant a vendor access to your AWS account. They need to be able to read
messages in a private S3 bucket at their leisure. They also use AWS. What is the best way to
A. Create an IAM User with API Access Keys. Grant the User permissions to access the bucket. Give
vendor the AWS Access Key ID and AWS Secret Access Key for the User.
B. Generate a signed S3 PUT URL and a signed S3 PUT URL, both with wildcard values and 2 year
durations. Pass the URLs to the vendor.
C. Create a cross-account IAM Role with permission to access the bucket, and grant permission to use
the Role to the vendor AWS account.
D. Create an EC2 Instance Profile on your account. Grant the associated IAM role full access to the
bucket. Start an EC2 instance with this Profile and give SSH access to the instance to the vendor.
Answer: C

AWS-DevOps 勉強   
When third parties require access to your organization's AWS resources, you can use roles to
access to them. For example, a third party might provide a service for managing your AWS resources.
With IAM roles, you can grant these third parties access to your AWS resources without sharing your
AWS security credentials. Instead, the third party can access your AWS resources by assuming a role
that you create in your AWS account.

NO.3 Your system automatically provisions EIPs to EC2 instances in a VPC on boot. The system
provisions the
whole VPC and stack at once. You have two of them per VPC. On your new AWS account, your
to create a Development environment failed, after successfully creating Staging and Production
environments in the same region. What happened?
A. You hit the soft limit of 5 EIPs per region and requested a 6th.
B. You didn't set the Development flag to true when deploying EC2 instances.
C. You hit the soft limit of 2 VPCs per region and requested a 3rd.
D. You didn't choose the Development version of the AMI you are using.
Answer: A
There is a soft limit of 5 EIPs per Region for VPC on new accounts. The third environment could not
allocate the 6th EIP.

NO.4 Which of these techniques enables the fastest possible rollback times in the event of a failed
A. Canary or A/B
B. Blue-Green
C. Rolling; Immutable
D. Rolling; Mutable
Answer: B

AWS-DevOps ミシュレーション   
AWS specifically recommends Blue-Green for super-fast, zero-downtime deploys - and thus rollbacks,
which are redeploying old code.
You use various strategies to migrate the traffic from your current application stack (blue) to a new
of the application (green). This is a popular technique for deploying applications with zero downtime.

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